Hello guys,

Today is the 2nd day of wellbeing practises for employees and visitors here at Expo  Dubai @Slovenian pavilion.

Eployees report that they feel better with less tension in their joints and muscles, they are more relaxed, with more energy and at the end of the day less tired when they experience one of the wellbeing practises already in the morning.

Why am  I sharing all this practises, because I know how taking care of yourself first thing in the morning fills you up, it just transforms all areas of your life. Creates better relationships, you re aware of how you feel and you make better decisions that are in the benefit of all- your family, co-workers and sustainable environment.

I am inviting you to watch Sophia Academy video and our Living with a Green heart iniciative together with Knaufinsulation and Riko, our inciative is: Caring for an individual s good mental and physical health is caring for our future! The future of our children, and the future of our Planet.

Lets Embark on this path together.

Brigita Langerholc

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