Hello everybody

I am so glad to announce that just doing yoga regularly every morning it started to show the benefits on the people. Comments such as: Oh I feel so nice today, I have so much energy, specially in the morning, I feel so light and full of life, are very common.

Imagine now, how the effects of their wellbeing will be transformed to the visitors of the Slovenian pavilion.

And magic happens…..

I love to transfer the knowledge of wellbeing to the people. And you are probably curious what I do every morning that fills me up.

I meditate 10-15min, where I set up a day, how is it going to look like, whom am I going to meet, how will I feel when I meet people and so on. Sometimes I do easy yoga, sometimes just walk in the nature, to the mountains, to the beach.

Important is that you listen to yourself, to your body and hear the demands of it.

See you tomorrow new experiences to tell.


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