Dear All,

I hope you are all doing well today.

Reporting in raising awareness about personal Wellbeing for our Living with a Green Heart initiative I believe in addressing balance in all areas of our life. That’s the reason why we have touched the importance of proper nutrition yesterday and why I am super happy to address the quality our living spaces today.

I couldn’t point out more how truly important it is for a Human Being to live in a sustainable and happy home where one can create your own oasis of wellbeing. I have been working at Expo Dubai 2020 for 10 days now and while visiting other pavilions at Expo, I have come to realize that Slovenian pavilion, built by Riko d.o.o., is an incredibly beautiful, ecological and energy -saving wooden structure, that keeps you refreshed throughout the day. It is also one of the most astonishing buildings you will see here at the Expo Dubai 2020.

Please join me in watching the video where Living with a green heart initiative co-founder Riko d.o.o. shares the vision of sustainable buildings helping to create on a long run individual personal wellbeing.

All the best to all of you, dear friends and colleagues. Brigita

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