Brigita's Blog / 25.11

Hello Everybody, 

Today we were visited by dr. Saša Bavec, director of Knauf Insulation Slovenia. He is a very active partner and co-founder of Living with a green heart initiative. We talked about what was the reason behind the LWGH initiative, why did he join in?  They strongly believe in their employees and customers, if they feel well, they can be the drivers of sustainability and the world changes for better future. They  support the LWGH initiative , because they know when people are trying to find the best in themselves, everything around them will prosper.

In todays video you will see, how the passion and pride of Knauf Insulation employees is transformed in building green roofs, green walls and one is built around Slovenian pavilion. Beside the astonishing view, the wall has beautiful flowers, which keep pavilion coolish. Please watch our video below. 

See you tomorrow , best regards from Green pavilion @ ExpoDubai.

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